Psychiatric Service Dog Training

The tasks that Psychiatric Service Dogs can perform depend on the individual’s needs. Our Psychiatric Service Dog Training Program will help you train your dog effectively, so they can develop the needed skills to become an assistance animal and support you in your daily life. The course will also contribute to strengthening the bond between you as a handler and your dog as a future service dog, which is essential in service dog training. NO previous training is required!

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How does the online psychiatric service dog training work?

Conditions That Can Be Addressed with the Help of a Psychiatric Service Dog Include:

Does your dog qualify?

To get your dog assessed, you will need to fill out our form to schedule a consultation with one of our trainers. The consultation is done online. At that time, one of our trainers will evaluate your dog in terms of their potential to become a service dog, discuss your needs and answer all the questions you may have in regard to our program.

Psychiatric Service Dog Training

Get the help you need to train your own psychitric service dog.

Training a service dog is very different than training a pet dog. Most dog trainers don’t have the experience and understanding of this type of training, as there are many small but important differences when training a service dog.

The course begins by introducing the training principles, the necessary theoretical knowledge and building an understating of what to expect from your psychiatric service dog.

We will help you know more about how your dog communicates and how it can respond to your emotional state and behaviour cues.