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that works to provide hope healing and assistance to individuals with PTSD, (ANXIETY DISORDERS) and DEPRESSION through canine assistance


Service Dog Registry Scam

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How PSDs Help

Read how Psychiatric Service Dogs could assist persons with mental health disorders


Psychiatric Service Dog Laws

Read how the current Laws can be a huge problem for anyone wishing to have a PSD.


PSD Training

Join the Free PSD Training Program that guide you through the training process and enable you to confidently navigate the public spaces.

We are an independent non-profit organisation.

Here at Psychiatric Assistance Dog Association we firmly believe in dogs’ abilities to save lives. It is our mission to make these life-saving companions available to people on social assistance who are burdened by mental / physical and/or mental disabilities. Unfortunately, many organisations exclusively focus on providing assistance to veterans or individuals with physical disabilities, leaving many disabled people without the needed support. In order to bridge this gap, we help individuals in need of an assistance animal adopt a trained psychiatric service dog or train their own pet dog as a psychiatric service dog to assist them in their daily lives. Our dedicated team of volunteer trainers works tirelessly to ensure that these dogs enhance the lives of the individuals we serve.


Life-saving, life-changing.

I wouldn’t be here without my dog Odin! He is the reason why I get up every morning and why I continue to function in general. He confidently keeps me grounded in reality as he is able to recognize my terrible anxiety episodes and the pressure I feel. No one knows that…Because I look like I’m OK, happy and normal, but underneath it’s a very dark place”.


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The assisted training we offer will enable you to train your own psychiatric service dog.

This type of assistance animals typically undergoes 120 hours of training, which is considerably less, compared to the training hours required for guide dogs or hearing dogs.

Psychiatric Service Dogs are trained to perform specific tasks to mitigate the symptoms of mental disabilities. The tasks these dogs do are tailored to meet the individual’s specific needs and may vary from person to person.

The service dogs we help train develop a strong bond with their owners/handlers, which greatly benefits their emotional state. Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs) can be trained to perform a wide variety of tasks such as opening/closing doors or cabinets; helping their owner/handler remain focused and grounded; alerting their owner/handler to oncoming anxiety episodes; bringing medication; interrupting repetitive behaviors; providing emotional support.

Your pet companion can be a pillar of your mental health and help you improve your social life and regain your confidence.

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The Board is responsible for governing the organization, setting strategic direction, establishing ethos, and overseeing its management. Furthermore, the Board ensures that an appropriate system of financial control is implemented and that it complies with the relevant laws and regulations. All members of the board are volunteers.

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