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Improve Mental Health & Well-being

For Children with Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities

Prepare Your Dog For Visits In Living Assisted Facilities (Hospitals, Schools, Libraries, Nursing homes)

Why You Should Choose Service Dog Training School International

Created by Experts

All our training programs have been created by a team of certified dog trainers with more than 20 years of experience. This ensures that our courses are not only effective and comprehensive but also well-structured and easy to follow by people with no or little training experience. They are entirely based on positive reinforcement which will encourage your dog to improve his/her performance and strengthen his/her bond with you. At the end of the training program, you and your paw friend will have spent valuable time together having fun while learning!

Full Tutor Support

Participating in our training program means that you will never be alone during the training process! Our reliable, experienced, and passionate team members are easy to access through email, live chat, or phone. They are equipped with the knowledge to answer your questions, with empathy to understand your situation, and with a deep love for dogs, to help you and your paw friend go through any difficulties you may experience during the training.

AAA- Accessible, Affordable, Amazing!

It is no secret that getting an assistance dog can be very difficult! Waiting lists with non-profits are usually very long, and the costs for getting a trained PAD with a for-profit organization can reach up to €20,000-€30,000. There are many resources available online, that provide tips on how to train an assistance dog. However, opting for a well-structured, understandable, and easy-to-follow program, featuring guidance by trainers, is much more beneficial! Our PAD training course is specifically designed to help individuals with mental illnesses deal with them, becoming calmer, and more confident. We firmly believe that assistance animals can be of tremendous help to many people worldwide and everyone has the right to receive the support they need! People with mental disabilities also known as  “hidden” disabilities often face a lot of challenges and a lack of understanding. We are here to help you train your assistance animal and actively engage in your life!